Kate Upton Sextastic in the Sunday Times To Stick It to the Fashion Losers

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There's a backlash going on in the fashion world against Kate Upton, and as you might expect, this backlash is not coming from dudes like you and I who would sell our own mum's organs for five minutes of motorboating with this buxom young blonde sensation. It comes from the annoying foppish fashionistas who believe that runways are meant for skinny, severe, classically sculpted looking women, and that full-bodied bombshells don't belong on their hallowed cat walks.

As for Kate Upton, she took to the pages of The Sunday Times in a pictorial and interview to basically tell these Vegan hipsters to 'eff off. A sentiment we can fully support. There's no fun in hearing the crunch of ribs during the knocking of boots. We'll take curvaceous Kate any day. Enjoy.

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