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Kate Beckinsale Wiggles Her Tush into the Ranks of the Hottest Sci-Fi Villains

On August 3rd, actress and MILFtastic extraordinaire Kate Beckinsale strips out of her Underworld latex to kick arse on Colin Farrell (as if that isn't many people's dreams) in the Total Recall remake, err, reboot, err, re-quel.

If there's one thing the producers of fantasy sci-fi flicks know how to do, it's casting some of the hottest and sexiest women to do things like be cloned, travel through time, and run aimlessly across the decks of spaceships in skimpy tops and miniskirts.

The only thing better than a sexy sci-fi sidekick chick, is an evil one trying to destroy you and most likely all of mankind. And as Kate Beckinsale enters the race to be sci-fi's sexiest villainess of all time, take a look at our gallery of wicked hot bad-girls from fantasy films past.

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