Karina Smirnoff Bikini Pictures Continue the Hotness Roll from Miami

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Okay, so maybe you don't get the gal pals together for some reality dance show drama, and maybe you aren't even the smoothest of dance floor artists yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't fully and properly delve into the fineries of Ukranian professional dancer Karina Smirnoff, one of the many hotties used to try and convince men, any man, that viewing Dancing with the Stars is normal male behavior.

Thankfully, nowadays, you have the option to view most of these sextastic reality show stars in perfectly normal venues, like at the beach in Miami, paddleboarding, which is where Karina Smirnoff was showing off her sweet tight bikini-clad dancer body. No froufrou outfits, no sequins, no male lip gloss, just good old fashioned hot women in a bikini delighting in some watersports. That is the kind of reality we can wholeheartedly endorse. Enjoy.

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