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Jennifer Nicole Lee Lick and Slit Combo Drives Us Toward Madness

Okay, we know crap about fashion. But if we're handing out Egotastic! awards for Best Dressed on a Daily Basis, you can count on one piece of faux gold going to Jennifer Nicole Lee, the BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru who turns the fine art of getting dressed to go shopping into a masterpiece of public exhibitionism.

Take for instance, Jennifer's dress today out in Miami, oh, the slit skirt cut all the way up to her nether regions, the ice cream cone designed for slow melting white creamy licking, the entire package providing cardiac arrests for no less than 27 Florida senior citizens who couldn't figure out how Jennifer could sit like she does and still not reveal her entire snatch patch. It really was a sight to behold. And, to be awarded for outstanding achievement in making clothes naughty again on women. Enjoy.

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