J-Woww Flashes Her New Bodacious Body Art For Inked Magazine

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Despite our general feelings toward Jersey Shore, we have never wavered in our lust for J-Woww. I mean, okay, half-wavered while she got loaded a lot and fell down and did other stupid shizz, but never refracted, as it were, from our deep felt thoughts of lust and debauchery every time we see the better part of her curvaceous body.

And J-Woww has been slowly tatting up that body, which got her into a sextastic little pictorial for Inked magazine that is driving wild all the J-Woww passion-filled manfolks out there, along with a few appreciators of the body art. Something you really must check out in your spare time, or just time you make spare while at work. Enjoy.

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