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Infographic Daily: The Internet is Full (Say It Ain't So!)

The concept of the Internet getting full sounds absurd but it could happen. I don't mean that we'll soon be running out of data to all of the contents of the interwebs. Rather, I mean 'full' to mean an information overload that directly ties with everyone's Internet addiction.

Our brains are already getting fried by the Internet, so this infographic pretty much provides the reasons why.

Let's start with blogs. Most people probably have a folder in their bookmarks full of links to their favorite blogs. (With Egotastic being one of them, of course.) Then we've got YouTube. Never has video been as accessible as it is nowadays with YouTube, but you gotta wonder if that hour-a-day video habit is starting to cramp your style. Add billions of Google searches, tens of millions of Wikipedia articles, and billions of content being shared on Facebook on a daily basis and we've got a very messy Internet in our hands.

Check out the infographic in the gallery above to see the rest of it!

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