Ines Sastre Bikini Pictures Show That Spanish Girls Can Look Hot on Vacation in Spain Too

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For all the visiting interlopers from abroad looking hot in the South of Spain these past few vacation weeks, let us not forget the sextastic celebrities of the home nation, bikini-clad model and actress hotties like Ines Sastre, a veteran supermodel and film thespianic who brought her own bikini show to the tip of her home region, as it were.

Ines Sastre shows that celebrity careers get started pretty much the same the world over, that is, Ines got her break as a young girl filming McDonald's commercials in Spain, and springboarded her outer good looks from there into the covers of tons of major world magazines. And deservedly so as at 38, this long time Iberian sextastic is still looking mighty fine. Disfruta.

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