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In Case You Haven't Heard--Billy Hamilton is Fast

If you don't know the name, don't worry. You soon will. Cincinnati Reds minor league prospect Billy Hamilton has been the talk of the minor league circuit in recent weeks thanks to his penchant for stealing. The man is on pace to have an unheard of number of stolen bases-- for any league--once the season ends.

With just over half the season done the man already has 104 steals to his name.  Pretty much the only thing that might keep him from breaking the minor league record of 145 is getting called up to the Big Leagues.

To do what he does, the man has to be fast. Just in case there were still any doubters as to what kind of speed he has he hit a inside the park home run in a recent game. It wasn't one of those where the fielders just couldn't do anything right. The man cleared the bags in 13.8 seconds.

In case you're wondering--that's pretty darn fast. Forget about Willie Mays Hays folks. We got the real deal in Billy Hamilton.

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