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Imogen Thomas Flashes Her Prodigious Petals Outside the Rose Night Club

Once you start to really examine the delicious body of Imogen Thomas, you start to understand why the buxom lass finds herself caught up in so much man-scandal. She has the kind of curves that could launch a thousand ships, or sink a couple hundred men into the depths of some very poor decision making.

It's the lot of men to be completely weak in the knees for girls spilling out of their tops, as Imogen nearly did last night leaving the Rose Night Club in London. We males are but moths to the bright light goodness of all things boobtastic, hence, blameless as far as I can tell. As for Imogen, well, she may have been too snookered to know exactly what she was doing, but dont' think for a minute she didn't get the results she wanted. Enjoy.

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