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Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn Trailer Means Your Fabled Halo Movie Is Already Here (VIDEO)

There has been a ton of chatter over the years about a big screen adaptation for the beloved Halo video game franchise. Writers, directors and studios have been mentioned and withdrawn and rumored about since a least the early 2000s. With Halo 4 rushing toward us this November, we're getting another Master Chief story --along with an improved Forge Mode, new weapons and enemies-- that' s intended to open up a new saga in this original sci-fi universe and that's cause for excitement. So much excitement, in fact, that Forward Unto Dawn might be the Halo movie we've really been wanting all along.

What's Forward Unto Dawn? Among other things, it's the name of the live action feature rolling out as a kind of prequel to everything we've learned about Halo so far. Not that you'll be able to tell but it pays off with a look at a young Master Chief as the outset of the Covenant War. Everything else will focus on the development of a young, promising super soldier-in-training who must decide what he wants his role to be in a world at war.

This trailer feels like the real deal. Hit us on Facebook with your thoughts on the live action Master Chief's look. Does his armor look as plasticky as the regular human armor?

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