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Hailey Baldwin Bikini Pictures Continue Her Run As the Teen Celeb Offspring To Beat

Again, we take back all the mean and derogatory comments, thoughts, and confessional rants we've ever made about Stephen Baldwin, who we thought actually topped the Baldwin Brothers looney list, which is saying something, because while the actor turned skateboarding minister hasn't made a good film since Usual Suspects in 1995 (okay, we'll give you Half Baked a couple years later), about that same time he did sire the girl who would become teen bikini queen Hailey Baldwin who is gathering more and more paparazzi attention the longer she twirls, spins, and prances along Miami Beach in her tiny bikinis this July.

The teen model and future heartbreaker no doubt has been sporting a new bikini a day along the Florida Coast and not being very shy about dancing about in her two-piece tiny clothing, including conducting an actual dance practice in a black bikini on the hot Sunshine State sand. As if people aren't going to stare (we're helpless!). Enjoy.

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