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Got Secrets? Wickr App Encrypts Your Messages and Leaves No Traces

Privacy matters. Even if your texts don't allude to top-secret information or secret stuff, I'm sure you still value your privacy just as much.

Unfortunately, hackers are getting more clever nowadays, and they can gain access to your smartphone in the blink of eye--stealing your information, reading your messages, and copying your pictures before you're even aware of a breach.

If you live in constant fear of that, then you might want to check out the Wickr App for the iPhone that promises to let you communicate securely and 'leave no trace' while you're at it.

When someone deletes anything from a phone, metadata remains on the phone's hard drive, where hackers, investigators or officials can piece it back together. Wickr's app contains an anti-forensics feature  that erases deleted files for good by writing over that metadata with gibberish text.

-- The New York Times

Wickr is initially available for the iPhone and iPad, but an Android version is in the works and should be released soon. Users can send secure text messages, photos, as well as audio and video messages, to other users who must also have Wickr installed on their device.

The app doesn't encrypt any data on your phone, but what it does instead is strip the metadata off photos so extraneous information with regards to where or when it was taken can no longer be retrieved.

It sounds like a promising app, and it's available for free, too, so there's really nothing to lose by downloading the app and by giving it a whirl. Check it out on the iTunes App Store by clicking here.

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