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Gen-Xers Largely Say F The Earth

Gen-Xers don't give a soy latte about global warming. At least that's what a study by the bizarrely named University of Michigan Longitudinal Study of American Youth said. They found that we Gen-Xers are not all that concerned about climate change. This in spite of the fact that we are the most scientifically savvy and highly educated generation in human history. I guess they didn't teach much environmental studies at liberal arts colleges.

It's not really a surprise. We as a generation are blase about most things. Unlike our parent's generation that spent their teens and early 20's protesting the Vietnam war and fighting for social justice, we spent our youth listening to Nirvana and wearing flannel. Also we are largely the parents of Gen-Z, and honestly do we want to safeguard the future for the kids of today? Have you been to a Barnes and Noble at story time lately? Trust me, you'll want to punch a toddler in the face.

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