Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Foosball, Geekery and Excessive Boob-age

Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week aims to accrue the most preposterous occurrences of the medium’s last seven days. Akin to those bastard birds with the homing assholes that target naught but freshly-cleaned cars (discounting the sad plight of the fat ass bald dude we once saw, hilarity threatened to ensue when rage-inducing rectal-leakage covered his cranium) this segment has an inexorable magpie mind for a madness mélange.

Above, you’ll find the impending console release of foosball, presumably powered only by actual malevolent witchcraft and featuring playable foodstuffs; safely ensconced beside Kratos and his penchant for breasts the size of your average studio apartment. For your further delectation, you’ll learn how to pilot a virtual Mars rover. On a virtual Mars. Virtual Insanity, in sum, as he of the ungodly hats and assorted wankery Jay Kay from Jamiroquai once yodeled catastrophically. Hit the jump for more on each lunatic topic.

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