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Game of Thrones MMO: Name, Screens and SDCC Appearance-Pledges, Oh My! (PHOTOS)

Is there ever a situation that the above Wizard of Oz reference can't be vehemently cajoled into, like the ugly sister with her hideous lumpen feet, a shoehorn and a famous slipper? Gratifyingly, there is not.

To segue deftly back to business, though, earlier this week saw the announcement of some preliminary details for the Game of Thrones MMO, impending blockbuster-in-progress. Sporting its distinctly debonair new moniker, Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms, Bigpoint further proffered the screenshots above. Two images isn't the most generous yield, but chest-icles and testicles generally come in pairs; and where would we be without those?
A sorry state indeed, that's where.

Incidentally, there's no sign of the bodacious booby-bounty that's so prevalent in the TV series. I'd suggest a jaunt to the (certainly sparsely populated at present) official site and firing off an irate missive demanding nippletacular viewing pleasure. Conversely, we could control the crazy and await SDCC, at which winteriscoming assures us the developer will thrust trailer-fuelled battle action into our squelchy eyeballs.

Images provided by winteriscoming.

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