Fans Show NBA Commish David Stern Some Love (VIDEO)

It is a dream of fans of all sports to let those who run them know how they feel. To get the chance to tell that person whether it is Roger Goodell (NFL Commissioner), Bud Selig (MLB Commissioner), Gary Bettman (NHL Commissioner), Mark Emmert (NCAA President; conference commissioners are too numerous to list), or David Stern (NBA Commissioner) what we think about them would be priceless to many.

Fans of the NBA got their chance to let David Stern have it at the start of the NBA Draft Thursday; not on a personal level, but in more of a collective effort. It may have just been a simple boo, but sometimes that is all you need to get your point across.

As much as I enjoy a good booing, Stern has to be given some credit. The man not only took it like a champ, he even played it off and joked about it.

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