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Extended Trailer for the 'Rurouni Kenshin' Live Action Movie Looks Fierce! (VIDEO)

Fanboys and fangirls of Ruruoni Kenshin will be pleased to know that the extended trailer for the live action movie has just been released! The movie has been several decades in the making, with the manga making its first appearance back in 1994 followed by the anime series in 1996.

Ruruoni Kenshin, also released as Samurai X, has been a regular at comic cons and cosplays, growing its legions of fans over the years. Warner Brothers will be producing and you'll see from the trailer that the production values have been set high.

Check out the extended trailer for the Ruruoni Kenshin live action movie in the player above, and sound off what you think about it by commenting after the jump!

Takeru Satoh from Kamen Rider has been cast to play the lead role of Himura Kenshin. Joining him are stars Emi Takei as Kaoru, Yuu Aoi as Megumi Takani, Munetaka Aoki as Sanosuke Sagara, Taketo Tanaka as Myojin Yahiko, Koji Kikkawa as Jine Udo, Yosuke Eguchi as Hajime Saitou, and Teruyuki Kagawa as Kanryuu Takeda.

Ruruoni Kenshin will be released in theaters on August 25th.

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