Emily O’Hara Puts Her Dramatic Chest Into Battle Against Sam Cooke in Our Thursday Page 3 Battle of the Funbags


Remember way back when when the dude wanted to buy the world a Coke and keep it company — just a bunch of bull to use fake world peace to get people to consume massive amounts of processed sugar. We have a solution for perfect harmony that won’t rot your teeth and is universally available, not quite for free in the end, but free to window shop — beautiful full funbags going head to head, err, chest to chest, in battle.

This week’s Page 3 battle of the chestal bulges pits a couple hot blondes, Emily O’Hara and Sam Cooke, in a fierce contest of the summer melon varieties. I’ve looked a thousand times now and can’t decide a winner, so we need you to make the tough call on whose ta’s reign supreme.

Page 3 Topless Battle: Emily O'Hara vs. Sam Cooke

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