Egotastic’s Gaming Gallery of the Week: Lunatic Humor With a Dash of Sexy (PHOTOS)

Egotastic's Gaming Gallery of the Week
Dog-Guns and Chesticles! Huzzah!

The boundless reaches of the great video game spectrum represents a universe ripe for excessive piss-taking. We’ve seen the ‘Wiid’ t-shirts, implicating Mario in a narcotics-centric scandal; amusing for perhaps two-eights of a nanosecond. (And even that is optimistic. Although, I did once see an enormously fat bastard in the gym that had festooned his paunch in the aforementioned garment. What he was doing in such an establishment- besides fooling absolutely no-one, ever -is befuddling.)

But that was, if you’ll excuse some esoteric technical jargon, a bit balls.

We have endeavored, then, to exhaustively peruse the internet for the finest fanmade humor/sextacular interpretations of our favorite (digital) femme fatales. The first installment charts Lara Croft’s bodacious chesticles over her prestigious career, children flamboyantly costume-ised like marvellously mockable mannequins, and further greatness for your delectation.
A click-tastic gallery offer you can’t pass up, if ever there was one.