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Demi Lovato Forgets to Button Her Top (Maybe) For an X-Factor Bra Flash

Who would've thunk there'd be drama on the set of the X-Factor when they brought in Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as celebrity judges for the season. We happen to love and lust both of these pop divas, but, let's be honest, there's a history of some instability in both camps. And, apparently, tapings of the show this summer around the country and the various scheduling and promotional events have not been running super smooth. Cancellations, changes, and tardy celebrities has been the norm. Nevertheless, the addition of the two almost gives a man pause to consider watching this umpteenth reality show singing star show, if only for the wardrobe malfunctions and the potential for train wreckage.

Demi Lovato herself showed up to work with a look that I know only too well, and it bespeaks of a night of little sleep, perhaps some imbibing of potent potables the evening before, but, for Demi, it also meant an unbuttoned shirt revealing her black bra beneath. Now, this could be a fashion style of which we're not yet acquainted here, considering the last fashion style we were acquainted with involved Zubaz pants and mesh half-shirts, but, we're surmising that a distracted and possibly hungover Lovato might just have kept her clubbing look going through to the next day.

It's the X-Factor, where X might actually stand for for dropping some X.  Enjoy.

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