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Deadpool Jumps Into the World of Video Games (VIDEO)

Deadpool barely gets in somebody else's movie and he's already lined up for his own video game from Activision? Yeah, that's how he rolls. Actually, this is more of a case of Activision doing what they do best: squeezing every last drop of value out of whatever's hot and popular. In this case we're talking about the massive popularity of costumed superhero characters.

Not to rain on Deadpool's parade but when we get to this point where Activision is pushing him as a lead game character (Fans of Devil May Cry will be vocal until this Marvel game comes out) that means we're closer to the end of superhero-driven entertainment. It's just the way of things. Remember Activision is the company that singlehandedly popularized and destroyed the action sports (Tony Hawk) and music-rhythm (Guitar Hero) genres. It might take a real life mercenary like Deadpool to stop them this time. Check the trailer and see if this ninja has what it takes.

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