Cristina Hurtado Lingerie Pictures Will Lead to Silky Hot Madness (VIDEO)

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I still remember the day we packed up the Egotastic! Winnebago and headed down the Pan American highway in search of hotness. Oh, there were detractors and naysayers and nasty negative commenters from people who I more commonly refer to as my family. But off we trekked nevertheless, into the wild blue-balled yonder in search of Sudamericanas sextastic.

Well, the benefits of exploration never cease, so prepare to be blown away quite pleasantly by the pure muy sexual qualifications of Colombian TV personality and smoking hot model, Cristina Hurtado, in a lingerie photoshoot for Criss, the 'Suprises' line or similar such translated goodness, featuring the wicked curvy body of this Latina deliciosa in little bras and panties. It's just spectacular. Take that naysayers and mom! Enjoy.

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