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Borderlands 2 Trailer Teases "The Lions Sleeps Tonight" and Destruction (VIDEO)

You can call it the Wimoweh Trailer all you want, but in this trailer for Borderlands 2, Simba isn't walking through that door. Scar isn't walking through that door. That little rat thing that eats worms and bugs (waste of fangs and claws) isn't walking through that door. Anything that does walk through that door, is getting blasted in the face by the new characters in this game and all of their special powers, that's for sure.

This trailer showcases each character's super ability plain as day and in ideal situations. Zero, the one who looks like Snake Eyes from GI Joe, does his teleporting/hologram thing and ends up blasting some giant beastie thing right in his ugly beastie head executioner style. It looks very cool in the trailer. The question is how cool will it look when  you, playing as Zero, attempt that move during gameplay? This is a first person shooter and things can look different when you're looking down the iron sights and there's chaos all around you. I know I'll be using the guy with the turrets without question, so Zero's abilities may not matter to me ultimately. Turrets that autofire are always the way to go in most situations.

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