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Bella Thorne, The Next Miley Cyrus Teed Up in the Disney Machine, Becomes the Center of Attention at The Grove

It's almost eerie for those of us who follow the starlet machine to watch Disney and Nick and their related P.R. machines groom the never-ending next-generation of girls-to-women starlets that produce so much oodles of cash for the production outlets by creating teen girl that are admired by girls and lusted by boys. When we first saw Bella Thorne, still so young, but even before then ,we could see how Disney was lining her up to be the next Miley Cyrus, now that Miley had graduated from Hannah Montana teen innocence days.

And Bella Thorne has stepped right into those shoes. Almost literally. With high fashions for young ladies, hair, makeup, Miami hotel trips with her young boyfriend, gossip news, legs, figure, padded things, the whole nine yards. All to create the perfect starlet. And I'd say they are doing a good job. Enjoy.

P.S. Lest we forgot the original Miley Cyrus, still only 19, a Pilates fiend, looking might fine today at the gym:

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