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Belen Rodriguez Bikini Pictures to Stoke Your Hot Latin Beach Girl Vacation Fantasies

Belen Rodriguez is just one of those international ladies of hotness who causes a stir in our aching area the moment we even hear that she's on a bikini-clad vacation at some resort town with a name that we can never pronounce, but can always imagine the smell of room service coffee with after a long night of rolling with her in the vacation sack. Or maybe it's just me.

The Sudamericana transplant to Italian celebrity model fame has one of the finest bodies on The Boot, and she's not afraid to show it, whether for work on a beach romp with her lucky-arse boyfriend dude who must sincerely feel like king of the world watching thousands of men ogling his ladies' asstastic as she prances across the beach in her little white bikini. Again, maybe that's just me.

The world needs more girls like Belen Rodriguez, like, 2 billion more would be a good round number, one for every man, two for those with good hearts. Enjoy.

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