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Barbara Palvin: 18 and Life Is Ridiculously Hot In Her Victoria's Secret Lingerie Shoot

I don't remember girls looking like this senior year of high school, save for Brooke Yeadermeister, who was so hot that she would just straight-faced tell dudes that she was too hot for them to have a chance. I always admired her honesty, though not as much as I admired peeking up her skirt on the bleachers. Hey, an Egotastic! man has to know how to turn sour grapes into cheap wine.

Still at 18, not many girls sizzled quite like Hungarian hottie supermodel Barbara Palvin, just ridiculously sextastic in her new Victoria's Secret designer lingerie photoshoot. It's not barely legal, but I do find myself barely able to breathe whilst perusing Barbara and her heavenly body in little bits of silk and lace. It's almost unfair when girls this young and barely-English speaking look so smoking good. Enjoy.

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