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Alessandra Ambrosio Keeps Pumping Out Babies, Keeps Getting Hotter

I'm not exactly sure what kind of genetics allows a woman to actually get hotter looking on the beach the more children she births out of her lady hatch, but Alessandra Ambrosio has certainly got them (as opposed to my late Aunt Mildy; poor Mildy never dropped the 130 lbs she picked up north of her knees and south of her sternum she picked up having her first and only child; and we never really saw her much again after she refused to purchase two airline seats for herself, she died prematurely in a booth at Arby's, nobody noticed her for almost 48 hours, it really was quite tragic.)

The point is, how the hell does Alessandra Ambrosio look so hot not long after pushing another pup out of her uterus zip code? On the beach in Malibu yesterday, the Victoria's Secret model flashed some bottom bikini-clad cans that have me wondering just how long it'll be until baby number three arrives. If I were here husband, I'd be working on that project rather than re-staining the deck. Enjoy.

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