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Alessandra Ambrosio Hot Bikini Beach Sexy-Time Volleyball Weekend

Alessandra Ambrosio dropped a slippery dash of Brazilian heat on the beaches of Malibu this weekend as the Victoria's Secret model and super-sextastic MILF spent pretty much the entire weekend outdoors in the sun, tanning, stretching, bending, flashing, and, perhaps most importantly, playing an endless series of beach volleyball games in little tiny outfits that left little to the imagination (although that expression seems out of place for Egotastic! veterans who know that the less there is a women wears left to imagine, the more we imagine).

Bikinis, cut-off short shorts, little raggedy tops, wet, sweaty, good time Alessandra Ambrosio fun. It was like witnessing a girls of summer fantasy play out in real life. This mom joins the elite crew of the MILFtastic celebrities who have not only survived motherhood, they've turned it into a wicked hot springboard for even better looks. Amazing. Hot. Enjoy.

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