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Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures For an Amazing High-Def View of Tropical Body Pleasures

You might say we're favoring Italy this week, and I will tell you that Egotastic! goes where the hotness takes us, and this past week or two, The Boot has just been the world epicenter of hot female celebrities.

Take for example Aida Yespica, who isn't even Italian really, former Venezuelan beauty queen turned infamous Italian model, and just the all-around proud owner of one of the single hottest bodies on the planet. Well, thanks to EgoFan 'Emac' and his website,, we have an HD ogle-fest of Aida's extraordinary bikini body in stills from the Italian TV show, Isola dei Famosi, essentially Celebrity Survivor, wherein Aida flashes, preens, and shows off various looks in a bikini that really ought to be criminal. Well, okay, not criminal, let's call them pain-in-the-pants inducing. Just plain old ridiculously hot. Enjoy.

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