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WWE 13 Mike Tyson Trailer (VIDEO)

The Attitude Era of the WWE (then called WWF before those panda people took their acronym back) helped resurrect and recalibrate professional wrestling and that's where we're going to find ourselves this fall when THQ drops WWE '13.

The acknowledged beginning of the Attitude Era was when a still-relevant Mike Tyson got involved in the early disputes between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. Up until this point in 1997-98, the nineties had been pretty rough for professional wrestling with all kinds of corny gimmicks, characters and storylines coming and going. The whole concepts of Tyson and Austin representing the common man who's sick and tired of his boss (McMahon) and celebrating the virtues of breaking the rules were devoured by audiences. Tyson and Austin were the perfect characters to sell that storyline of righteous badassery. Once the spark was lit, McMahon's WWE machinery manufactured 2-3 years worth of heroes, villains, treachery and sprawling storylines for the wrestling shows that lead to bestelling books, movies and all sorts of other pop culture moments and merchandise.

WWE '13 will be looking back to those days, with Mike Tyson again kicking things off, as a chance to re-create history.

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