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Vanessa Hudgens Working Out and Looking Mighty Fine and Cleavy

You know who's gittin' some? That's right, Vanessa Hudgens is knocking boots more prodigiously than an old Western saloon doormat.

She's clearly sewing her wild oats with that lucky-arse D-list dancer actor boyfriend of hers, which is why she has such a big smile on her face these days and why she is also working her tush off at the gym and looking mighty fine and showing it off.

Unlike men who go into an enormous couch-sleeping male lion mode when they're spending their days in the practice-mating position, the ladies do like to workout their guilty pleasures and keep the body and mind fit and active for their next go-round. Therefore, we applaud Vanessa on two fronts today. Those delicious two fronts pointing her way to stretchy booty-building time. Enjoy.

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