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Tomb Raiders Trailer Toughens Up E3

Tomb Raider's Lara Croft has had more comebacks than Jennifer Lopez, Donald Trump and Evander Holyfield combined it seems. Somebody at the developer has been watching a certain primetime mystery-action series from the mid 2000s it seems as Tomb Raider looks very Lost. And that's a compliment if the snippets revealed in this E3 trailer are any indication.

Keep an eye on the gear Lara uses at different points throughout this clip. Other than a radio/communication device there doesn't seem to be anything with a button or light on it. There are just bows, arrows, sticks and other weapons you might find in the wreckage of a boat or plane. Defeating bad guys with space age gear? Could be a blast if it's done right and complements the rest of the game's story, setting and feel.

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