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The Walking Dead Episode 2 E3 Demo (VIDEO)

Fans of 'The Walking Dead' (and really...who isn't?) are in for a treat as episode 2 of the newly launched video game series has been revealed at E3 and will be taking players further into Lee Everett's story.

Episode 1 of 'The Walking Dead: The Game' was very story driven, like the comics and show. While it has been mentioned that all parts of the game will play in the same vein, episode 2 is looking to introduce players to some of the much darker aspects of a zombie apocalypse. What's darker then people being ripped to shreds and eaten alive you ask? Well how about a quickly approaching Winter and food shortage  3 months after episode 1 that's causing your team to turn on each other out of desperation?

Just as a verbal taste, there is a part near the start of the demo where a man has stepped in a bear trap and you must choose how to help him while zombies quickly approach. Amputating the man's leg is the fastest approach but really sends shivers down your spine asyou hack away at the guy...the camera doesn't spare us a second of the process either.

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Game is scheduled for a release sometime at the end of the month for PSN and Xbox LIVE.

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