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The Gamer Guy's Alphabet: A is for Ball-Busting ANGER (PHOTOS)

As I'd venture players everywhere can attest, righteous fury can be a remarkably potent element in video games. Oftentimes manifesting itself as a motivating factor, it's an emotion that lends a certain empathy to the experience. It's a scenario akin to the murderous antics of a slasher movie villain. Imagine, for instance, you've pissed Freddy Krueger off by by kicking his favorite chihuahua over the roof of the house opposite because it shat on your finely-manicured lawn. (He's had several of the hairy little bastards, primarily owing to his insistence on attempting to pet them.) He's then rather justified in introducing high-velocity claw to your blood-bleeding groin. (Because everybody likes chihuahuas. They may think they don't, but balls to them anyway.) That's a facetious example, but it's a crucial point. Without a vengeful motive, the charm of villainous bastardry is dulled. One of the delicate nuances that separate badass from mere ass, if you will.

As such, check out the gallery above for some unconventional selections of the finest instances of ANGER you'll find in gaming (as a wondrous bonus, there are also some fleeting appearances of ragequit-based internet hilarity for your delectation).

Rage Quit mockery definitions provided by urbandictionary.

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