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Tennis Anyone? Courtney Stodden Flashes Both Strawberries and Cream to Kick Off Wimbledon

Tennis may be the sport of kings, but that doesn't mean you won't jack... you know, let's hold that thought for about eight more weeks until teen bride Courtney Stodden officially turns 18 and the law catches up to reality of this little scamps body exhibition show that's been perverting traditional American (and now British) institutions since she was sweet sixteen and betrothing herself to her unseemly much older husband.

Nevertheless, for those of you who ask why, we can not escape our mission of the celebrity sextastic if we didn't share with you these photos of Courtney Stodden working her teen magic on the tennis court. The cop does not ask why he must arrest the criminal nor the butcher why he must slaughter the lamb. Both kind of apropos to this situation really.

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