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Sports Agency Starting a High School Football Team (VIDEO)

Sports agents have caused the downfall of a number of college programs over the years. For some reason the Jerry Maguires of the world just can't seem to wait to show kids the money. While the kid often gets it, either from the agent while in school or the team when he goes pro, the university suffers.

There may finally be a way to keep this from happening. Rather than take a chance getting busted doing something illegal in college why not lock the kids in when they are still in high school?

IMG, one of the biggest sports agencies in the world, will be fielding a high school football team at its academy in Florida starting in the 2013-14 academic year. High school kids interested can not only get an education, but can be immersed into the game as they are taught by some of the best in the game.

The school already has  a number of other sports programs in place including soccer, tennis, and golf; they have only recently delved into team sports like baseball, basketball, and lacrosse.

It should come as no surprise that student athletes at IMG Academy have gone onto great success in college. Students have access to facilities and training that no high school in the country could probably match. The Class of 2012 is proof of just how good the academy's programs are; 99 percent committed to the college of their choice with 60 percent playing at the division I level.

Oh yeah--the one percent that did not go to college are going pro. Any guess as to who their agents work for? In all fairness, there is nothing on their website that indicates that is a requirement, but you have to think that it is implied pretty heavily while the kids are going to school.

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