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Spec Ops: The Line Developer Diary 2 (VIDEO)

In case you missed it, Spec Ops: The Line just landed on shelves and so if you want to stop guessing and wondering and parsing details about the game through all of these screens, videos and typed words, just go buy the thing already. However for those of you feeling inundated with advertisements all over the internet (seriously, they've got the internet-using, video game-buying demographic totally covered) and you need just a bit of a nudge to get you over the hump, this second developer diary might just be the straw to break your camel's back. In a good way, though.

This time we're taking a deeper look at the characters of the game. In video games, it's very tough to explore the emotions that flow between the player, the onscreen character and the story at hand. The biggest obstacle is you normally can't see the character's face no matter what kind video game we're talking about. Seriously, you would freak out playing a game where the main character you're controlling is looking at you the whole time. And so for this reason, cut scenes and in-game cinematics are extremely important. These are the tools they use to get you to care about what's going on in a given game and thus why you usually see cut scenes and cinematics in the TV commercials and trailers. Watch this diary and you'll see what we mean.

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