Shauna Sand, Flashing Sideboob, Buying Weed, Just Being Shauna Sand

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You know how we feel here at Egotastic!, what a woman does with her body is none of our concern, I mean, outside of ogling, leering, staring, gaping, gawking, drooling, spying, photographing, imagining, and fapping, we do try to keep out of it. So, when Shauna Sand picks up her boo outside of a medicinal marijuana pharmacy in West Hollywood, and when she flashes a good measure of bare boo doing so, well, we can only be happy for her.

The last time we saw Shauna, she was literally having sex on the beach in front of a camera, so, procuring a little dank in a perfectly delicious skanky little dress seems like it might be a step up. Enjoy.

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