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Serge Ibaka Should Probably Stop Talking About LeBron James (UPDATE)

Update: Now LeBron has responded to Ibaka's comment: "He's stupid." (The whole reply here)

Serge Ibaka can speak five languages, but that doesn't mean he knows when he should just keep quiet. The Palm Beach Post reports that Ibaka isn't that impressed with LeBron James' defense in the NBA Finals. The same LeBron James that got the most votes for the NBA All-Defensive team from the coaches. Ibaka said this...

LeBron is not a good defender. He can play defense for two to three minutes, but not 48 minutes.

Call me crazy, but I don't think a 23-year-old guy should be calling out anyone, let alone a three-time-MVP who just got his fourth straight selection to the NBA All-Defensive First Team.

Ibaka should also know better than to give any bit of extra motivation to an already motivated Miami team and James in particular. LeBron has been playing at another level compared to years past, and why risk giving him more reason to try to silence the doutbers?

Ibaka also said that Miami was playing good defense as a team because LeBron can't stop Kevin Durant one-on-one. News flash, nobody can stop Durant by themselves. Just like nobody can stop LeBron one-on-one.

Miami leads Oklahoma City 2-1 going into tonight's game four in Miami.

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