Selena Gomez Releases Her Delicious Hot Stank Through Wet Perfume Promo (VIDEO)

Oh, man, that title sounds far dirtier than the actual content. But such is the inspiration of one young Latina diva that goes by the name of Selena Gomez. A sextastic little bit of getting all grow'd up hotness whose only known visual flaw is that 120-pounds of squeaky jetsam she calls her boyfriend.

Selena Gomez has jumped into the celebrity aroma money making game, releasing her own musky scent into the merchandising woods, complete with the wet hot promo video that we showed you the 'behind the scenes' making of some time pretty long ago now. But, it's out, it's in motion, it's very brief, but it's Selena Gomez, wet, cleavy, and all ours, if but just enough time to catch a whiff of her goodness. Enjoy.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="450"></iframe>

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