Resident Evil 6 Mega Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

In the second video, the action and pacing pick up a little bit in classic Resident Evil style. Being trapped in a dark elevator with a face-chomping zombie just as they're turning into a zombie is intense and probably a first in the series. I'm just happy that we're still talking about old fashioned, shuffling-ass zombies and not the 21st century 5-Hour Energy Drink-fueled zombies that run like Usain Bolt and fight hand to hand like Chuck Lidell. Zombies aren't supposed to be super heroes. Also folks who like the TV show The Walking Dead should take note: you must have a melee attack for zombies if you want to survive. That's why those chumps on TV keep losing people.

Sound off in the comments section below: do you prefer old school zombies or fancy new fangled zombies? Why or why not?

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