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Preeya Kalidas and Caprice Bourret Lead List of Hotties Celebrating the Start of Wimbledon

A whole bunch of hotties got together at the Kensington Roof Gardens over the weekend to celebrate the start of Wimbledon in the Old Country, a fine sporting tradition where bitchy men yell and scream about the placement of their balls, and, more to our taste, big strong sweaty women in short skirts grunt and groan. But before that all begins, there are lots of kick-off parties and fancy soirees, with this particular event benefitting from the cleavetastic presence of Anglo-Indian singer and actress, Preeya Kalidas, who put her own swollen pair up against Caprice Bourret, an ex-pat American and current TV celebutante in the U.K. who brought out her own veteran knockers for the love of the grass court spectacular.

Oh, and let us not completely gloss over the tennis player hottie extraordinaire, Maria Sharapova, who not only made an appearance at the Wimbledon pre-party, she made a drop dead stunning appearance at the part. See for yourself. And, enjoy.

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