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NBA Playoff Roundup - Thunder Steals Road Win

The Oklahoma City Thunder are just win away from the NBA Finals, thanks to getting the first road win in their series with San Antonio.

Oklahoma City 108 - San Antonio 103

It's not that shocking that the Thunder were able to beat San Antonio in their own house, they are a really talented team. It's the way it went down that most people didn't expect. All shortened season long we've been hearing about how the Spurs are the deepest team in the league and that's why they were so much better prepared for the playoffs than everyone else. The Spurs' bench players got smoked last night, and that's why the Thunder are a home win away from going to the Finals.

The Spurs really have to be feeling the pressure now. They hadn't lost three in a row all year, now they have to go and avoid elimination on the road. It was only a few days ago when the Thunder were down 0-2 and all the experts and analysts were saying how there was no way they could beat the Spurs four out of five times. Now it looks like they might rip off four straight wins.

I was on board with the Spurs, saying that they were too methodical and business-like to let anything stop them from getting their fifth title. Now it looks like there are cracks in their icy demeanor. Maybe fatigue is coming into play, maybe not, but the Spurs had the body language of a beaten team after the game. Not in they had just been beaten, but like they looked beaten down and didn't have an answer.

Russell Westbrook shot the ball 24 times, and still had 12 assists for the Thunder. His shooting percentage was the only weak spot in the game for OKC. If they can get their bench to outplay the Spurs bench again tomorrow night, they'll be on their way.

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