Minka Kelly Might Be Kinda Boring, But She's All Kinds of Hot

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Okay, granted, Minka Kelly is not the most exciting celebrity in the world. She's in that pedicure-hair-salon-boutique-shopping-doctors-office daily visits with several other safe and boring celebrities like Whitney Port, Nikki Hilton, and Emma Robertswho always have a half smile on their face and a cellphone to their ear no doubt engaged in never ending geo-political discussions with their social group. But none of them are as hot as Minka Kelly, and that's an enormous plus when you're taking in the measure of a woman. And, oh, how I'd love to measure Minka in that low cut purple dress of hers.

To summarize, boring women are okay when they're super hot. And, yeah, I know I didn't need to tell you that. Enjoy.

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