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Miley Cyrus Bikini Pictures Sexy Enough to Get Her Guy Friend Into Her Engaged Bonnet

Ruh-roh. What you can't see in these otherwise sextastic Miley Cyrus bikini photos from a Miami hotel pool is a dude named Cheyne Thomas, a long time 'male friend' of Miley's, who is making all sorts of intimate googly eyes at the bikini-clad gravel-voiced diva as they swam closely together in the pool. Meanwhile, the new Miley Cyrus fiance was out on some movie set in L.A. while the twinkling of his new betrothed lady was going down in the wet environs.

Now, we can all do the refrain that this other dude 'is just a friend', but anybody who's been a 19-year old dude with a hot female friend who wants to hang out in a pool and your hotel room while her boyfriend is out of town.. let's get real. Poor poor Liam, or whatever his stupid face is. Now that I think about it, who cares? We got hot Miley Cyrus bikini pictures! Enjoy.

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