Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Reveal a Fiancee in Heat

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As you well know by now, my future adopted mother, the uber-hot MILFtastic Swiss Miss Michelle Hunziker has become engaged to some good looking rich dude in Italy, natch, and before she secures the final matrimonial deal, you can bet there's going to be lots of super extra hot bikini views for the future husband, in betwixt obvious endless rounds in the bedroom. Speaking to many a friend who has gone down the marriage path recently, this is the period of pre-nuptial bliss I like to commonly refer to as 'The Buy-In'. But, you know, feel free to come up with your own description.

In either case, with that wicked bikini body of hers, my future adopted mom could probably get even a dead man to rise from the grave and offer her a ring, such is the power of the hot mom, who seems to move effortlessly between hot TV appearances and never ending bikini exhibitions on the beach. There may be a price for beauty, as they say, but looking at Michelle Hunziker, I can also assess some very obvious benefits. You go, mom! Enjoy.

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