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Madonna Launches Unholy World Tour in the Holy Land with Provocative Stagecraft

Even as Madonna approaches the age of Moses, the Material Girl can simply not be slowed down. We must give her credit for hardly getting fat and lazy in her veteran years, if anything, the blonde ambitious singer could use a falafel or two, and she certainly never shies away from hard work, including countless hours of prep for her new world tour, kicking off last night in Israel.

Now, I do intend to live out my entire years without ever attending a Madonna concert, but I must hand it to the consummate performer, she does know how to put on a show. You're going to get your money's worth, or, your parent's money's worth with your ticket purchase. Though at this point for Egotastic!, we're mostly just waiting for her super-buxom teen daughter to come of age. Enjoy.

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