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Madonna Flashes Her Butt in Rome; Then Goes Grandma Cheerleader Tease (VIDEO)

Well, first it was funbags in Istanbul, now bare butt cheeks in Rome. The Material Girl may have the same old craptastic music, but she also has the same old quite expert understanding of what drives crowds of crazed pop music fans over the edge in her highly-produced stadium shows where everybody seems to be ready to feint every time Madonna does something candidly provocative.

Now, of course, betwixt you and me, we know it's all staged, but tell that to the screaming hordes who scream and squirm about like they've just discovered their privates in the bathroom for the very first time. It's a thing is it. Enjoy.

(Thanks again to our friends at for the head's up on the bottom's down with Madonna in Rome.)

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