Lindsay Lohan Hot Bikini Surfer in Richard Phillips 'First Point' (VIDEOS)

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I'm not exactly sure how Lindsay Lohan does it. That is, go between reckless driving party girl in and out of rehab and prison and looking about a million degrees south of wellness, to looking about a million degrees north of hotness and well-being on camera or in short films such as this early look at the 'First Point' short film of Lindsay Lohan surfing from photographer and director Richard Phillips.

Granted, we're not exactly sure when this footage of Lindsay was shot; Phillips did release a short film ode to Lindsay sexiness in the pool just a year ago, and this may be from similar times, still, those were prison times, and Lindsay somehow manages to pull off Hollywood surfer heroine (not 'heroin' mind you) in this latest short film panoramic.

I guess you could call this Lindsay's Kirk Gibson moment, hobbled, but still got a valiant homer or  two left in her. Enjoy.

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