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Latest Viral Promo For 'The Dark Knight Rises' Is Unleashed

With there just being over a month until the release of The Dark Knight Rises anticipation and fervour for the film couldn't be any higher. In fact I'm genuinely worried that I might have some kind of aneurism or literally explode in excitement for it.

Christopher Nolan and co's big marketing push has continued with a mock-up press release being thrust upon us hot on the heels of new teaser trailers and TV spots earlier this week.

This statement from Mayor Garcia, played by Lost alumni Nestor Carbonell, explains in detail the Dent Act, a scheme organised by the political elite of Gotham City to stop organised crime in the city which also establishes a holiday for old Two-Face himself and names Batman as a danger to society. How wrong can one piece of paper be?

You can check out the latest viral release below in all of it's glory.

For those of you who don't know, The Dark Knight Rises tells the tale of Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale, a man who likes to dress up like a bat and kick ass.

It probably all sounds very silly and trivial to you but check it out, I promise that you'll like it.

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